Google is taking over Display (not really a surprise)

The below AdExhanger article (admittedly, a few weeks old)–interview with PubMatic CEO after Google announced plans to acquire competitor AdMeld–placed Google’s moves to dominate online display in perspective. When the acquisition was first announced, I focused on what it would mean for Google’s AdX and Invite media–primarily increased inventory and QPS (queries-per-second, or speed/bandwidth of inventory transactions). This article reminded me that Google now owns an ad exchange, a DSP (demand-side platform), an ad server, a mobile ad network, a display network, and soon, an SSP (sell-side platform) in AdMeld. That pretty much covers the entire ecosystem and stands to give Google the same dominance in mediating display as it has in search. And of course, taking a healthy cut. To-date I’ve never been terribly dissatisfied with Google’s performance or operation as a company–seems like in the grand scheme of things they mean well and act as such–but it’s certainly scary to think of one company having so much power with promises of only good things. Remind you of anything?

PubMatic CEO Goel Discusses Acquisition Of Sell-Side Platform Competitor Admeld By Google


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